ADAS are a number of safety features built into many new vehicles such as lane departure warnings, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane assist. Leading research body Thatcham claims “it is probably the most significant development in vehicle safety since the seatbelt” The amount of vehicles with ADAS technology built in is growing rapidly with car manufactures expecting at least 40% of new vehicles to have ADAS technology inbuilt within the next 2 years.


ADAS relies on cameras usually mounted on the windscreen. Following a windscreen replacement these cameras must be calibrated to ensure they operate correctly. QCD Autocentre is the only independent at the forefront of ADAS recalibration opening its first calibration centre in 2017 through its sister company QCD Automotive a leading accident repair centre based in Milton Keynes.


Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems or ADAS, are a family of safety systems designed to work together to automate and enhance vehicle safety. Each system alerts the driver to potential problems and helps avoid collisions.
If you are unsure whether your vehicles has ADAS features that require calibration, our service advisor will be able to advise you. Email us at [email protected]


Here’s a breakdown of how to prepare your vehicles before you arrive for your ADAS calibration at QCD Autocentre.
For us to carry out a successful ADAS calibration, we need to make sure that your vehicle has no additional loading. This includes fixed loading such as external racking, roof racks and canopies wherever possible.
Is advised that vehicles should have a full tank of fuel when carrying out a camera calibration. This is to help make sure that the sensors are calibrated accurately and to the manufacturer’s required standard.
In order for us to carry out a successful ADAS calibration, your vehicle needs to be fitted with 4 full-sized wheels. Each wheel needs to have their tyre pressures in line with the manufacturer’s specification. Information regarding tyre pressures can be found in your vehicle handbook.